Why Choose Colossustex for Polyester Yarns

Why Choose Colossustex for Polyester Yarns

Appearing in various formats polyester is a synthetic polymer. This is a kind of plastic and takes a lot of petroleum to make polyester. One can find polyester in everything from as basic as clothing to furniture and carpets and even in car fabrication.

And if we talk about one of the biggest industry fashion? They produce tons of polyester every year, with small amounts every minute, which if compared to cotton or similar fibers is very much on a higher scale. Nut polyester when freshly made requires a lot of chemicals and water hence is not eco-friendly, we at Colossutex believe in sustainable options in terms of textile development, hence we are one of the smart suppliers of recycled polyester yarns.

Recycled polyester yarn is made by the process of Recycling. Which is a term that refers to the breakdown of a product into its raw materials and is reclaimed and used in new products; it also reduces our dependency on petroleum for the raw material.

Almost the same as virgin polyester in terms of quality Recycled polyesters production requires 59 percent less energy compared to virgin polyester, and a study in 2017 by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. PET’s production estimated by WRAP is to reduce CO2 emissions by 32 percent in comparison to regular polyester.

How recycling takes place towards eco friendly options?

  • After Sterilizing the PET bottles they are dried and crushed into small chips.
  • Then with the help of spinneret, these heated chips are passed and strings of yarn are made.
  • Yarn is then wound up in the spool
  • To create a texture that is woolly the fibre is then passed through a crimping machine.
  • Then after being baled, dyed and knit the yarn is turned into polyester fibre.

Being responsible environment protector we can do following things?

  • Avoiding purchase of polyester fabric and clothing instead go for recycled options
  • Raincoats or athletic wear should be bought of recycled polyester to reduce the demand of pure polyester.
  • Always use guppy friend bag for washing virgin polyester if you own some.

Spun polyester, on the other hand, is softened through agitation and chemistry and converted into a filament fibre which is softer and more absorbent. It is also long-lasting in wear-life and can resemble cotton because of its softer hand. Made by twisting staple fibers together spun yarn makes a cohesive thread. 100% polyester fibres are spun into yarns and converted into spun polyester. Then a two or three-ply construction is done with these polyester yarns to make threads.

 At Colossutex we make sure we supply our customers with best of availability therefore any purchase going out is double checked for the quality and is made up to the mark of industry standards. Hence the Long and continuous length of interlocked fibres spun yarn is what we provide. It is very much suitable for use in textile production, crocheting, sewing, knitting, weaving etc..

The fabric made out of spun polyester is water-resistant and really amazing for awnings. Being less expensive spun polyester yarn is a great choice for fabric construction. it also doesn’t shrink under normal circumstances and the fibre made is synthetic hence it is resistant to shrinkage even when washed in a little warm water. But it may shrink a little if washed with hot water slowly retaining its shape afterwards.

FUN FACT-  (As per the fact of all polyester produced till date  is still around and only small part gets recycled such as our sewing yarn.) UNBELIEVABLE, ISI’NT IT?

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