With a Goal of Revolutionizing Textiles For Future ColossusTex has made a package of following services.


Unleashing Business Potentials


At the heart of ColossusGROW lies the empowerment of profitable organisations within the textile marketplace. As an established consultancy, we aim at understanding ideal case scenarios and maximizing potentials accordingly.


ColossusGROW stands out as the best textile consultant due to these unique selling points:

  • With a Global presence in 7 countries and elite clientele in 37 nations, Colossus Grow maximises the reach of your business.
  • With our niche in Textile Trading and a handpicked community of textile manufacturers we work on developing the portfolio of our clients.
  • We create a loyal consumer base for your brand with efficient positioning and constant removal of communication barriers.


Analyse Business Growth Effectively


Every business requires an accurate measurement of logistics and delivery performance, within the supply chain. Assertive interactions with the consumers and a sustainable business growth can be traced through OTIF Tracking.


ColossusTIME will be focused on OTIF Tracking of your business resulting:

  • Improved OSA & reduced Out of Stock products, contributing to efficient and productive sales.
  • Alignment of production and logistics functions for a visible success on the OTIF scale.
  • Efficient Fund Flow Execution.


Market Intelligence


The Indian textile industry is currently estimated around USD 108 Billion and is estimated to reach USD 223 Billion by 2021. With such a magnanimous market share, it is important for every textile stake holder to stay updated about the growth and productivity of the textile industry.
With superior research skills, our team aims at collecting the best market insights from the most authentic sources.


ColossusMIND will act as an Information provider for Textiles which will contribute in following ways:

  • Price Trend Analysis for a relevant supply chain.
  • Staying up-beat with International Laws & Policies.
  • Updates On Technological advancement.


Effective Sourcing


Cost effectiveness and efficient manufacturing processes are the business objectives of every stake holder, dealing in the textile industry. These goals can be met by partnering with the most authentic sources.
With a global reach, ColossusFIND contributes in effective sourcing and maximised cost optimisation. The curated sources bestow the finest raw materials, excellent finished products and exemplary industrial services. While we expand our networks and build interactive communities, we ensure the authenticity and accountability of the service providers.


The unique features of ColossusFIND include:

  • Offering the widest network for sources spread across 17 nations.
  • Providing superior quality of deliverables at minimum costs and creating accessibility for the same.
  • Monitoring OTIF and DIFOT Score which is the need of modern business.


Assertive Marketing


Marketing in a natively digital generation can be quite painstaking for a textile marketer. With a comprehensive approach and global exposure, we bridge the gap between business owners and their target groups.


ColossusEDGE is applying differentiated techniques to create an effective impact on your ideal consumer profile. We accomplish this goal through three effective steps:

  • Defining the ideal target markets according to the desired demographics, psychographics and geographic locations.
  • Use preferred languages for a seamless communication experiences.
  • Optimum Utilisation of Digital Marketing space and effective marketing strategies across various media vehicles.


Logistics Support


While timely delivery and elaborate packaging requirements can be two major concerns, we strive to address every logistic issue for our clients. Using effective planning strategies, we create an end to end support system that caters to various packaging requirements and timelines.
By connecting with robust logistic services we ensure timely delivery, product safety and customised packaging processes at minimal costs.


ColossusMOVE offers ineffable Logistics assistance which:

  • Complete optimisation of the Transit Freight.
  • Shortest Transit Time.
  • Real Time Tracking combined with support at the place of origin to the destination.


Technical Support


ColossusTECH offers a specialised technical assistance wherein each consignment passes through elaborate testing protocols. This covers the scope of Personal Inspection, Stills and Quality Certificate.


Benefits of choosing ColossusTech are listed as below :

  • Optimised Productivity with Lowest Downgrade.
  • Consistency in Quality and process parameters.
  • Minimal Complaints resulting ease of business.




ColossusWEAVE is a networking service which makes our partner’s Brands Visible to ColossusTex Network, We offer following services .


The unique features of ColossusWEAVE include:

  • Introducing New launches/Products to entire network of Colossustex across 37 countries.
  • Updates over new development in textile Value chain.
  • Talent acquisition campiagns helping our partners find relavant resource.


Inventory Management


ColossusDEAL is a service which has thrust on cronical issue of manufacturing companies.


  • Liquiation of agening Raw material & Finished Goods.
  • Sales of Unoperational Machines.
  • Commission Manufacturing at Under utilised factories.


Resource Development


ColossusCARE is a service extended to industry which focuses in getting the appropriate talent to the industry through our networking. We will contribute in finding experts for long term & Short term service or full time Jobs. We believe in contributing with right talent to our partners which brings effective culture for optimised growth of company.




ColossusMEET is a Platform where Business Leaders from The Industry are invited for our partners where they share their life examples and learning in their professional Journey, and they also share different organisational culture and best practises therein. The indent is to receive outside- In perspective and be inspired by some of the best leaders available in industry.

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