Woolen Spun Yarn

Woolen Spun Yarn

Wool is a natural fibre composed of proteins, as it originates from the fleece of sheep. Individual sheep has different grades of fleece found in their fur with the highest-grade fibres being found on the sides, shoulders, and back, while the lowest grade is found on the lower legs.

The Wool could be obtained from the fleece of sheep and other animals. It includes cashmere from goats, mohair from rabbits and various other types of wool from camellias, musk ox, Angora rabbit, vicuna, guanaco, pashmina and alpaca. The Wool has distinct qualities which distinguish it from hair or fur. The best quality wool comes from merino sheep (Merino wool), usually found in Australia.

Woollen yarn is made from carded wool. Woollen yarn is soft, light, stretchy, tangible and full of air. Thus, a good insulator and great to obtain a good knitting yarn. Woolen yarn is varied from worsted yarn.

The difference between worsted-spun and woolen-spun yarns lies in how the fibre is supervised before the substantive spinning. The fibres of a worsted-spun yarn are first rectified straightened and then oriented in the same direction, this makes the yarn smooth and shiny, which gives your knitted fabric lots of stitch definition.

On other hand, Woollen Spun Yarn is not straightened. The individual fibres lie in each direction and create a yarn with lots of air pockets. This approach executes for a lofty, lightweight yarn that confines warmth. Woolen-spun yarns have a matte finish with a soft radiance and lend themselves well into extra-warm projects that will not weigh you down.

Preparation of raw material(input) for spinning

Sheep – Wool comes from sheep. It is sheared off the sheep.

Fleece – Shorn wool is called as fleece. Fleece usually has a lot of vegetable matter, manure, oil and dust

Skirting – Sorting the wool into coarser and finer, longer, and shorter. Before washing, it must be skirted well for manure

Washing – The grease and vegetable matters are removed using an acid bath

Picking – opening the locks of wool and making it consistent having only the fluffy wool. A fine-tuning of the wool web is done in this process. This is a very important step before spinning.

 Spinning process

For Woolen spun yarns :

In this process, the spun is formed from the shorter fibres. The Spinning for woollen yarns is typically done on a mule spinning machine.

The process flow is as follows:

Fleece – Scouring – Carding – Spinning and twisting

For Worsted spun yarns :

In this process, the spun is formed from the longer fibres. The worsted yarns can be spun on any number of spinning machines.

The process flow is as follows:

Fleece – Scouring – Carding – Gilling – Combing – Drafting – Spinning and twisting

For Woollen Blended Yarn:

Wool is blended with various other fibres also which gives a desired yarn for the end-user. Those fibres are as follows:

– Acrylic/Wool (Double Ply also)

– Acrylic/Wool Nylon

– Wool/Nylon

Properties of wool

The properties of the wool are mentioned below:

-It is a luxurious fibre with excellent texture and finishes

– It is natural and soft on the skin.

– It is wrinkle-resistant.

– It is lightweight and durable due to process.

– It is hygroscopic (moisture breathable).

– This is highly flexible and durable.

– It has good drape and fall.

– It has high UV protection.

– It is Biodegradable.

– It has insulating properties, which keeps it warm.

– It has a high ignition threshold (good resistance to fire).

– It is a Multi-climatic fibre.

End-Use of Wool:

It is used to manufacture Sweaters, carpets, tweeds, suits, dresses, crepes, baby wears, footwear, bedding, etc.

In conclusion

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