PVA Yarns

PVA, or Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water-soluble synthetic polymer that is highly versatile and can adapt to various styles and textures. PVA can be converted into shreds of fibers, liquids, coatings, beads, lubricants etc. As a filament yarn, PVA has some beneficial characteristics such as its high tenacity. PVA yarn is Vinylon yarn and can be distributed into water soluble and insoluble yarn. Water soluble vinylon yarn is a functional yarn that is developed by the Japanese over the past decade. It can be dissolved in the range of 20 degrees – 90 degrees of water. It constitutes of polyvinyl alcohol which is one of the very few biodegradable polymers. With a good acid and alkali resistance it has superior hot and dry performance and great durability.


1) Environmental protection
2) Soft feel
3) Light weight
4) Improve cotton fabrics’ shortage
5) Increase other yarn spinning count


DescriptionCount Range
Solution temperature 90 degree PVA yarn20Ne, 40Ne, 60Ne, 80Ne, 100Ne
Solution temperature 80 degree PVA yarn20Ne, 40Ne, 60Ne, 80Ne
Solution temperature 70 degree PVA yarn40Ne, 60Ne, 80Ne
Solution temperature 40 degree PVA yarn40Ne, 60Ne, 80Ne
Solution temperature 20 degree PVA yarn20Ne, 40Ne, 52Ne

Application are as below:

  • Zero twist yarn
  • Bump towel
  • High-grade shirting fabric
  • Printing equipment
  • Socks separation
  • Carton production
  • Lace
  • Shrink fabrics
  • Fishing nets
  • Autolysis bag sealing
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