Colossus tex,
We are One,
Yet, We are Everywhere.

Colossustex is a visionary platform aiming to make the textile industry future-proof by delivering effective and efficient solutions to the textile supply chain management domain. We contribute to make businesses more sustainable in the long-term and offer positive return on investments through our well-conceived and tenaciously enforced customized solutions. Our team values optimization and its immense impact across business verticals. Hence, you will experience quality service-models addressing your specific business needs. Our models leverage cross-functional dependency between operations and supply chain to introduce effective implementation of proposed solutions to help our clients realize their business milestones. 

We are committed to excellence in our services through specialized skill-sets within our team across different verticals such as: Technical Support, Effective Sourcing, Assertive Marketing & OTIF Management. The cumulative experience of our experts-team is exampled by global presence in 7 countries and catering to business needs in 37 countries with some veterans having more than 25 years of experience across multiple verticals and markets. We have knitted a network of manufacturing partners, buyers and service providers to deliver seamless solutions partners, in addition to a handsome impact on the top-line and bottom-line of their businesses.

The credit to our zeal to succeed can be attributed to our relentless pursuit in high industry benchmarks of quality servicing, robust logistics management and cost optimizations to positively impact overall performance. We offer a diversified portfolio of functional & industrial textiles, including the scope of Raw Materials, Fibers, Yarns, Fabrics & Garments.

Who We Are

In these digitally driven times, ColossusTex has emerged as a leading textile supply chain in India and overseas. ColossusTex hustles to create futuristic solutions and integrates effective supply management policies. To create a more holistic approach, we cover various dimensions that are essential to a sustainable business growth and optimization.

Why Us

By employing state of the art technology, effective sourcing and assertive marketing, our experts strive to provide you with the best outputs in these experientially led times. Over the collective experience of 25 years, our team has built niche across various verticals of the textile industry. With global establishments in 7 countries and clientele in 37 nations, we stand tall with a close-knit community of manufacturing partners, buyers and service providers. While we provide exemplary services, we have obtained empowering customer testimonials. Our promise is to deliver high end quality, robust logistics management and cost optimizations that channelize into an unforgettable consumer journey.

Here are the factors that set us apart in the marketplace :

Cost effective

We provide the most cost effective sourcing and timely delivery of raw materials and finished products.


With superior technological advancements and analytics we adhere to the most accountable and transparent trade policies.

Team of professionals

Our workforce constitutes a handpicked community of individuals who are the experienced veterans having worked in challenging economies and markets to deliver profitable growth.


Along with a promising supply chain management strategy, we provide sustainable goods and services that do not exploit the gifts mother nature has bestowed us with.

Global presence

To provide our clients with nothing but the best, we travel the extra mile and ensure superior quality and conformity to the highest industry standards.

What We Do

You are sure to find variegated portfolios of functional and industrial textile products & services at ColossusTex. To meet the most versatile requirements, we connect you with our handpicked community of textile manufacturing partners. Requisites such as raw materials, fibers, yarns, fabrics, garments and a wide scope of textile-oriented deliverables can be availed through their services.

Here is a list of excellent services you can avail through us :

We source, manage and deliver the finest raw materials and finished products in the textile industry with maximum cost optimization.

We provide end to end trading, sourcing, marketing and supply chain management solutions across all the verticals of textile industry.

With decades of establishment and niche we have built a network of elite clients, professionals and manufacturing partners that facilitates efficient business transactions.


Our organizational DNA is driven by core values of trust and excellence which is demonstrated in every interaction with our stakeholders.

Apart from the core values, the peripheral guiding values which are mainstay of our business decisions :


All our stakeholders are empowered to take right decisions to accomplish business goals ethically.


Creating customer value and enabling their success by delivering the finest products and offering impeccable services. 


Implementing sustainable trade practices to make growth more meaningful.


Understanding the requirements of our stakeholders in-depth and taking responsibility to deliver solutions and outcome.


We take pride in ensuring we mean what we say in what we do at all times.

Our Vision

To be an industry stalwart by implementing sustainable trade practices, developing effective marketing strategies and improving global access to the finest textile goods and services.

Our Mission

To revolutionize technology, foster environmental stewardship, engage in activities that benefit the fraternity and add maximum value to our stakeholders.