Types of yarns at Colossustex

Types of yarns at Colossustex

Colossustex Pvt ltd. is a customer-centric organization, we excel in the manufacturing, processing and supplying of high-quality yarns for 25 years. We understand our customer requirements and customize the products as per their expectations. The offered yarns are qualified under proficient professionals in accord with the organization’s standards. We maintain the quality across all the stages and provide 24/7 service support. Along with the high-quality attributes of our products, it is cost-effective as well.

 Polyester Yarn

Polyester is the third most popular yarn in the world. It is made up of recycled polyester. With its blendable property, it is widely used in the production of hybrid fabrics. It has high strength and elasticity which makes it practical to use in daily life. These yarns are biodegradable and eco-friendly. The combination of polyester yarns with other fibers increases its application areas. These are anti-bacterial, anti piling, heat resistant and breathable. It is used in knitting, weaving, sewing and embroidery.

Nylon yarn

Nylon is derived from petroleum it is a synthetic fibre. It is available in 6 and 6,6 combinations. Nylon has unique properties that involve; High elasticity, resiliency, drapability, heat conductivity, shrinkage, works with bleaches and dyes, easily washable, reacts to alkalis and acids. It is widely used in home furnishings, fashion apparel, sportswear and accessories.

Jute yarn

Jute is a natural fibre that is obtained from the base plant. It is a sturdy material that is majorly used transportation industry for packaging. Jute yarns are available in 6 lbs to 48 lbs in single and multiple ply. It is mainly used in making shipping bags grain sack bags etc.

Cotton yarn

Cotton is a natural fiber. It is soft, breathable, delicate and skin-friendly. Cotton yarns are dyeable and can attain rich and bright colours. It is eco-friendly and a go-to fibre with which any clothing, home furnishing and daily used items can be produced. it is easy to take care of cotton made products. We have a variety of cotton yarns available with us.

Paper yarn

It is obtained from renewable materials, it is the most ecological and biodegradable product. it is durable and practical material readily available for any packaging or craft purposes. By braiding, weaving and knitting, it can be used in various industrial uses such as paper bag handles, DIY projects, clothing, accessories etc.

Dyed yarn

The dyed yarn is produced by using natural colours extracted from nature such as flowers, fruits etc. These are lustrous and considerably utilized by the textile industry. The most commonly used dyed yarns are dyed Wool yarns, dyed polyester yarns, dyed acrylic yarns and dyed Cotton yarns. These are extensively used in home furnishing, apparels, and activewear.

Wool yarn

Wool yarn is a natural fibre obtained from the fleece of sheep.  Wool yarn is soft, light, stretchy, tangible and full of air that provides warmth to the product. Various kind of winter wear like jackets, caps, gloves, blazers can be produced from wool yarn.

Bamboo yarn

Bamboo is a grass family natural textile material. It is meant to be the strongest textile material with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, UV rays protector, Hypoallergenic, highly insulated and sweat-resistant properties. It is not only used in conventional textiles but widely used for high-performance composite material due to its high durability and sturdiness. It is used to make hygenic medical clothing like robes for pregnant women and children, undergarments, socks, sanitary napkins, absorbent pads, bathrobes, etc. It is preferable for home decoration such as curtain, television cover, sofa covers, table covers, mattress etc.

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