Bamboo Fibre – Benefits, Uses & Applications!

Bamboo Fibre – Benefits, Uses & Applications!

In the 21st century, people are concerned about environmental sustainability and promotes the “Go-Green” mission. Hence use the most eco-friendly materials which have a low environmental impact. The clothing industry has also implemented this initiation to save the Planet.

And, here comes the Bamboo fibre. It is the most eco- friendly fibre. It can be recycled and has the properties like- anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, UV rays protector, Hypoallergenic, highly insulated and sweat-resistant.

Bamboo belongs to a grass family, natural textile material. Bamboo fibre is the strongest fibre material which is made up of 100% bamboo pulp. This fibre is biodegradable and has much strength compared to other fibres. “Bamboo Kun” is the bioagent that makes the bamboo fibre anti-bacterial and bacteriostasis. It is bounded tightly to the bamboo cellulose particles due to which the finished fibre has the same characteristics. This allows killing all the bacteria keeping the user feels fresh and long-lasting odour free and makes making the garment hygenic to use.

Bamboo textiles is not only used in conventional textiles but widely used for high-performance composite material due to their high durability and sturdiness. The texture of Bamboo fibre is close to the blending of silk and cashmere, and it is softer than cotton.


● Green and eco-friendly:
Bamboo fibre decomposes without causing pollution. It is 100% biodegradable in nature. It consumes less water for growth and completely returns to nature in the end.
● Natural Anti-Bacterial:
It contains the bioagent which is an integral part of its cellulose particle. This makes the end product inherently anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
● Soft & Breathable:
The Cross-section of bamboo fibres is occupied with micro gaps and micropores. Thus it has better ventilation and moisture absorption property. It is thinner and softer than cotton.
● UV protection:
Bamboo Textiles has a UV absorption property. It protects human skin from UV rays.

Uses & Applications :

It is hygenic and is used to make Undergarments including socks, bathrobes, sanitary napkin, gauze mask, absorbent pads, food-packing bags etc.
● As it is UV-protectant material, it is used to make robes and clothes for pregnant women and children.
● It is the most preferred fibre for home decoration, which includes products like a curtain, television cover, sofa covers, table covers, mattress etc.
● The eco-friendly bamboo fibre is made without any chemical treatment, hence it is hypoallergenic and perfect for those who experience allergies using other fibre materials.

Bamboo fibre is a popular raw material in the textile market due to its aesthetic properties. And to be meant as the finest sustainable textile solution. We are the major bamboo yarn manufacturer in India. Colossustex offers Bamboo fibres of different sizes (< 500 μm, 500–850 μm, 850 μm to 1 mm and 2 mm) which has different mechanical properties.
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