Rayon vs Cotton: Which is Better?

Rayon Vs Cotton, Wondering which one is right for you?

Cotton and rayon are the two types of fabrics used in the textile industry. Cotton is
something that is replaced sometimes by rayon in some fabrics. Cotton may price high while
rayon seems low in price.
Let’s introduce the two fibers.

What is Rayon?

Rayon is a type of fabric which is invented in the late 1800s as a silk substitute. This type of
fabric that is made out of processed cellulose comes from wood(beech trees, or pine trees)
or bamboo. As rayon comes from natural materials and undergoes significant chemical
processing, we can call it a semi-synthetic, or regenerative material. Though these silky, soft
materials come from wood pulp, most rayon fabric looks and feels a lot like silk.
Moreover, it costs you less compared to cotton. So we can tell it is a good type of fabric for
apparel for daily use.

What is Cotton?

Cotton is the fabric that comes from the woolly fibers grown inside cotton bolls. Though the
balls of white fiber go through several treatments, it is purely natural fibers.
Growing cotton fiber has a long history. It is first grown and processed in India. Then it
quickly spread growing in many parts of the world because of its softness and strength.
During the industrial revolution in Europe, Britain became the foremost producer of this
fabric. Because of the latest manufacturing unit and technology, it’s possible to produce a
huge quantity of cotton-made apparel and scale globally.

Rayon vs Cotton: The Differences


Rayon comes from natural materials but goes through chemicals several times, while cotton
is purely natural.


Cotton fiber is more string than the Rayon. In fact, both have the credibility to use as daily
apparel but rayon is approved as less strong while wet.


Both fabrics are durable with time. But Rayon requires more care and tricky cleaning as it
gets damaged often as compared to cotton.


Cotton is softer than rayon. But Rayon has a silky and shiny surface to it may look lovely
against your skin.
Cotton is much more natural elastic than rayon.
But, Manufacturers typically blend both fabrics with something more elastic fabric to create a
truly stretchy material.


Rayon is more absorbent than cotton.


Rayon stands better than cotton in terms of pilling.
It is said that better-quality cotton will hold up for years without pilling, and rayon can get pill
if not treated well.


Rayon is resistant to wrinkles while cotton get wrinkled easily.

Sustainability of Production:

As a natural material and renewable resource, cotton has greater sustainability than cotton

Easy Care:

Cotton is easy to care while rayon requires more tricky care and cleaning

Cotton Vs Rayon: Uses

Use of Cotton

Cotton has thousands of uses in household items like towels and bedsheets. It also has
many uses in other industries, such as in bandages for medical purposes. Of course, cotton
materials are popular for apparel all over the world too.

Use of Rayon

Rayon is used in the fashion industry. It serves as a cheaper substitute for silk and makes it
a cool look in many fun prints and designs.
So, these above are the core differences between Rayon and Cotton.
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