Microfiber vs Polyester

Learning about the differences between polyester and Microfiber will help you to understand
which one will suit your needs. Hence you will understand what each material is made of and
its characteristics.
The big difference between Microfiber and polyester is that Microfiber is softer, lighter, and
much thinner as compared to polyester. Like any other fabrics, you can find all different
types of Microfiber and Polyester ranging from stiff to soft. Still, microfiber is one of the softest
materials available in the market.

What Is Microfiber Fabric?

Microfiber fabric is an excellent artificial lightweight fiber that can be woven into a very fragile
cloth. Microfiber fabric has many properties superior to traditional natural fabrics like cotton.
Microfiber is made of polyester, nylon, or a combination of many fibers. Some microfiber
products contain tiny hooks that pick up dirt, dust, and other substances. These hooks allow
microfiber fabric to hold more liquid than cotton, making it practical for cleaning cloths for
kitchen counters and bathroom use.

What Is Polyester Fabric?

Polyester fabric is a synthetic material made from petroleum products. It is a popular textile
for clothing production and other textiles like bed sheets, upholstery, pants, shirts, dresses,
and curtains. Polyester is considered for its durability and wrinkle resistance, which makes it
a good choice for active families with children.
Polyester has a wide variety of uses in the home and is used in everything from furniture to
window coverings. It is also used in the fashion industry to make clothing that doesn’t easily
wrinkle, making it ideal for travel.

Microfiber Vs. Polyester: What Is The Difference?


Microfiber is made using Polyester or nylon, on the other hand, polyester is made using
Petroleum products and chemicals.


Microfiber is not as as strong polyester.


Microfiber is much more breathable than polyester. So microfiber is ideal for use in athletic
wear and summer apparel.


Microfiber is a good water absorber, unlike polyester. Polyester is water-repellent.


Microfiber is much softer than polyester. Polyester has an artificial nature.


The two fabrics are warm but microfiber is a little bit good in comparison to polyester.


Microfiber is a bit more expensive than polyester. So the use of polyester in the market is


Microfiber is smooth and silky. Polyester is something rough.


Microfiber is prone to wrinkling, while polyester is very wrinkle resistant than other fibers.

Primary use:

Microfibers are usually used to make towels, pillowcases, bedding, and cleaning products.
On the other side, Polyester is primarily used in clothes such as pants, shirts, dresses, etc.


Microfiber is more stain resistant than polyester which usually leaves marks or stains if you
don’t treat it quickly enough.


When comparing microfiber and polyester, both fabric is durable. Polyester is durable and a
low cost. Since microfiber is made from durable fabric like polyesters, is also durable
comfortable, synthetic fabric with little expensiveness.

Microfiber Vs. Polyester Bed Sheets

Both microfiber and polyester are synthetic materials used to make bed sheets. Microfiber is
made from recycled plastics and polyester fiber and is known for being very soft and
comfortable to sleep on. It is also much thinner than polyester sheets, so if you tend to
overheat at night, microfiber bedsheets would be the best choice as it allows air to circulate
more easily while you sleep. Microfiber clothes are also waterproof, protecting your mattress
from spills and other accidents.
Likewise, microfiber pillows, quilts, and blankets are more comfortable than polyester.


Now, that you’ve known microfiber vs polyester, what is the difference between both
materials? The truth is that polyester and microfibre both are excellent materials for cleaning
cloths, but each has its advantages and drawbacks from using ability and different textures.