Cotton Yarn suppliers

Cotton Yarn suppliers

Cotton yarn is a boon to the textile industry. Its characteristics make it possible to use in varieties of product manufacturing. It captures the worldwide market. By using ingenious methods, its expansion is laterally growing on the global platform.

Cotton yarn is a natural fibre that is soft, delicate and skin-friendly. It is advantageous to people who have sensitive skin. It can be blended with other fibres to create hybrid fibers.

The civilization of textile manufacturing and the development of properties has enhanced the customer experience. Customers realize the importance of these natural fibers that are ecologically safe and easily biodegradable. The consumption of yarn increases proportionately with the demand for garments because of rising urbanisation and disposable incomes. With modernization and development in technology, 100% cotton compact yarn, 100% organic cotton yarns, 100% cotton mercerized yarns etc are manufactured in different parts of the world.

Colossustex Pvt. Ltd. has a flawless range of products, ranging from 100% organic cotton yarn, fancy yarn, sustainable yarn and so forth. We are the finest Cotton linen yarn supplier from India.

Types of Cotton Yarn available with us

  • Flake Yarn
  • Chenille Yarn
  • Fly Yarn
  • Spiral Yarn
  • Cabled Yarn
  • Doubled Yarn
  • Slub Yarn
  • Ratine Yarn
  • Curl Yarn
  • Knot Yarn
  • Novelty Yarn

Specifications of Cotton Yarn

  • Linear density.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Shrinkable
  • Resists static energy.
  • Lustrous
  • Dyeable
  • Convenient for hot weather.
  • Moisture absorbent.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Tailored finish.

Application of Cotton Yarn

 It has a wide range of applications in our day to day life. Due to its functional quality, it is majorly used. Additional advantages of its characteristics make it useful in various ways. Such as:

  • Clothing

Shirts, blouses, Sarees, Formal Suits, trousers, socks etc.

  • Accessories

Handbags, travel bags, hats, belts, blazers, jackets, handkerchiefs etc.

  • Home furnishing

Curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets, Duvet etc.

Colossustex Pvt. Ltd is a cotton yarn supplier and manufacturer, established in India with its market base expanding to 37 countries. We value our customers and offer necessary services from time to time. With an extraordinary team of skilled employees, we are successfully supplying cotton yarn in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey and various parts of the world. We are a major player in cotton yarn export. We have a wide range of cotton yarns that are widely used in the textile industry. The proficiency to create the effusive corsage of products, innovations and quality guidelines makes us stand out from other suppliers.

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