Polyester Yarn Manufacturer And Suppliers in China

Polyester Yarn Manufacturer And Suppliers in China

The polyester yarn has been the sturdiest and easy to blend material which is why it is used widely in all ranges of apparels, toys, blankets and others. It is widely manufactured and supplied all over the world. India is the second-largest manufacturer of polyester yarn in the world. Colossus Tex has been in the market for more than 25 years and now captured the market of 37 nations including China, Canada, Turkey, Europe, America, Asia and Africa and so on for supplying polyester, cotton, and other Raw Materials, Fibers, Yarns, Fabrics & Garments.

Polyester is a generalised name for any fabric or textile, which is manufactured by using polyester yarns or fibres. Polyester has the unique property, mentioned below that makes it widely used in manufacturing goods and apparels:

● Very durable and is resistant to chemicals
● Resistant to shrinking and stretching.
● Wrinkle resistant
● Lightweight
● Easily dyeable.
● Easy to wash and quick dry.

Polyester yarn in china

We supply a variety of polyester yarn in china. China has been the largest manufacturer of garments and other daily use products for various brands. It uses the polyester yarns for manufacturing sportswear, coats, bedding such as sheets, duvet covers, blankets and sleeping bags, footwear, sewing threads, toys, soft furnishings and upholstery, textiles, luggage and other bags, conveyor belts, seat belts, plastic reinforcement and more. However, this makes it widely used in manufacturing in China as well. We provide high-quality polyester yarns in China.

Cotton Yarn

The production of organic cotton is much more expensive as compared to conventional cotton as it uses various scientific applications. The cotton crop is grown in different parts of India. Hence, we are leading suppliers of Cotton yarn in China and the major countries of the world. Cotton is globally preferable because of the following properties:

● Soft and Breathable
● Available in a variety of colours.
● Comfortable against the skin
● Machine and hand Washable
● Non-static

Cotton yarn in china importance and use

Cotton yarn is considered perfect for producing fabrics for clothes, home- fabrications like bed-sheets, mattress, -towels, bath-robes, socks & other uses. Colossustex has widely been a supplier of cotton yarn in China.

Over the years of experience and our global presence in 7 countries, we have reached the peak of our business with the trust of our clients from all over the world. We have identified an opportunity to provide a higher level of services in the region of sourcing the raw material of textiles for the buyers from different countries and providing a trustable platform for the importers and we are happy to serve.

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