Dyed Yarn

Dyed Yarn

Earlier, Textile yarn dyeing was done by using the natural colours, extracted from the flowers, fruits and animal’s hide. But, with the voyage of time, chemicals have been manufactured to produce dyed yarns. There are different types of methods used on different kind of yarns to produce desired colour yarns. Mostly, dyed yarns are made by the post product textile waste from sewing and cutting operations.

Dyeing is an effortless way of colouring the yarns, threads, or textiles. In the traditional process of dyeing, the specific chemicals are used at the adequate temperature to dye the yarn. The process is very technical and performed only by experts who have adequate knowledge about it.

Colossustex produces an extensive set of colours of dyed yarns. The fastness of the colour, lustreless and strength are the essential features of dyed yarns, which lacks in the non-dyed yarns. It has been utilized extensively in the textile business for making a varied selection of fabric. It’s of fine grade as well as stringently tested. The most common;y used dyed yarns are dyed Wool yarns, dyed polyester yarns, dyed acrylic yarns and dyed Cotton yarns. These are extensively used in home furnishing, apparels, and activewear.

The major advantage of Yarn dyeing is preferred,  because of its enormous strength & improved fastness. Dying the yarns increases a fabric’s fastness, durability and strength whereas normal dyes lack these properties. Also, Dying yarns helps in creating extensively unique ideas used by the fashion designers to create masterpieces of various colour combinations.

Why choose us?

The Textile Yarn Dyeing done at the Colossustuex has

Best Grade Products: Our dyed yarns are made using the excellent yarns and dyes that give proper finish and look to the end product. We are here to provide the best quality dyed yarn, which is always in demand due to its high colour fastness and excellent quality.

Sustainability: We provide eco friendly produced dyed yarns. To improve the performance and feature of the yarn, we also provide the polyester or acrylic blended with recycled cotton. We ensure the less or minimal impact on the environment possible.

Exceptional Yarn Specifications: Dyed yarns are made with various blended fibres which allows breaking the textural limitations. The quality and durability of the specially dyed yarns are non-comparable to any other yarns. Hence, dyed yarns produce much better quality products and considered to be the best in the international market as well. 

Customized at the Source: We provide customisable dyed yarns. We offer high-quality dyed yarns made up of various fibres, as order requested by the customers. Our experts work on the minute details such as the properties and functionality of the dyed yarns to provide the best product.

Colossustex is a dyed yarn manufacturer, offering a wide spectrum of colours available and accessible across the globe. We have modern machines and experienced manpower to achieve the best of our product. We appreciate the concerns of our clients and offer customised dyed yarn solutions for high-end fashion apparel and activewear. Customers can choose from a wide range of colours from our shade card. We have the expertise to deliver world-class service as per customer’s requirement. We offer 100% dyed yarn you can choose from:

  • 100% Cotton dyed yarns
  • Acrylic & Cotton dyed yarns
  • Acrylic & Polyester dyed yarns
  • Cotton & Wool dyed yarns
  • Polyester & Cotton dyed yarns
  • Cotton & Silk dyed yarns

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