DIY and Crafts ideas by Paper Yarn

DIY and Crafts ideas by Paper Yarn

Paper yarn

Paper yarn is a durable, practical, smooth and readily available material for DIYs and Crafts. By knitting, braiding and weaving, it can be fashioned to create attractive pieces for any living area. It is easy to work with to create delicate, sculptural and colourful objects. Paper yarn is produced from a renewable material. It is recyclable since it is biodegradable.

Paper yarns are traditionally used in Japan and used for clothes and accessories. It is dyeable and paintable.

DIY and Crafts ideas by Paper Yarn

This unique material is lightweight, washable, does not fade and available in a variety of colours to create fun and easy art and utility pieces. By watching online tutorials anybody can use paper yarns for DIY and craft purposes.

Here are DIY and craft ideas by using the following methods :

1. Braiding

It is the technique in which paper strips are braided to form a unique design that can be turned into numerous paper projects. Further, it can be pasted with glue to form different crafts. Brading can be done using 3 pieces, 4 pieces or 5 pieces of paper strips.

End products: bracelets, Napkin ring sets, gift ribbon, branding hand tag ribbon, Wall art, key chain etc.

2. Weaving

Weaving can be done by using paper strips. In paper strips weaving projects, one loop is skipped and make sure the paper is straight not on the different angles. Tie or Stick on the paper yarn once the project is completed. It can be pasted by glue. A Small woven fabric is formed which can be used to create astounding useful products.

End Products: Baskets, Planters, Flower Vase, Placemats, Japanese vests etc.

3. Knitting

It is an alternative to wool. By using crochet needles, Knitting can be done. It is as easy as knitting wool. It creates beautiful statement pieces when it comes to clothing and accessories. It is a stand our project which is doable at home with easy online tutorials.

End Products: Handbags, belts, hats,   jackets, fashion apparel etc.

Bottom line

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