Viscose Rayon Manufacturing Process

Viscose Rayon Manufacturing Process

Viscose Rayon Manufacturing Process
What is Viscose Fabric?

Viscose Rayon is obtained from the viscose process made from cellulose fibres to produce regenerated fabric. In this process, the solution of wood pulp is turned into fabric. It has a smooth texture close to silk. It is popular since the late 1800s. Viscose has low production cost and it is widely used for clothing, feminine hygiene and household stuff.

Why is it preferred?

Viscose is the best alternative to cotton during the summer and spring season when one needs a lightweight and soft material. It gives an extravagant look at low prices. for a much lower price point. It has the property to blend with other fibres such as cotton, spandex and polyester.

It is widely used for the mentioned reasons:

  • Breathable-It’s convenient for temperate weather clothing and feels light as it does not stick to the body.
  • Absorbent- Viscose rayon is sweat absorbent and does not trap heat. It is perfect for sportswear and daily clothing.
  • Lightweight- Viscose rayon is notably windy, which makes it likeable for shirts and summer dresses.
  • Maintains Shape- This fabric can be blended with other textiles like spandex to add the stretch
  • Soft-The texture of the material is soft like silk.
  • Fast dying material- Viscose retains the die and does not fade even after regular use.

 How does Viscose fabric make?

Chemicals like sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide are involved in the viscose process, hence it is semi-synthetic. Semi-synthetic is the most used fabric in summers. It is made up of wood pulp from eucalyptus, pine, beech and bamboo trees which are rapidly renewable plants.

The viscose manufacturing process can be summed up in the following five steps:-

1. Wood pulp is dissolved in the chemicals

2.Wood pulp is washed and bleached.

3. Viscose fibres are created by treating the pulp with carbon disulfide and later dissolved in sodium hydroxide.

4. Viscose filaments are created by forcing the solution through the spinneret and called regenerated cellulose.

5. These regenerated cellulose fibres are then spun into yarn.

Now, these yarns are woven or knit into viscose rayon fabric.

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