Jute is a fibre which is long, soft and shiny. It has a property to be spun into coarse and very strong fabric. Because of its quality and amazingly versatile uses, jute yarn suppliers in India are growing at a fast pace. Cloths such as burlap or hessian are made from the jute plant. Its colour is near Light tan to Brown, but it can be bleached and dyed into any colour. Also being one of the most affordable in natural fibres, it has a production quantity next to cotton. and in terms of uses, it possesses a lot of versatility.

Jute is also known as one of the most strong natural vegetable fibre that can be used to tie down even something like a tarp of wind depending upon the type of ply(4,3,2).

Grown in similar conditions such as cotton, jute is one of the cellulose that uses much less water and no chemical pesticides and also replenishes very fast. We at Colossustex is one of the leading jute yarn suppliers in India. Also known as golden fibre, Colossustex has jute as one of its most selling fibres.

Cotton, on the other hand, is a most common plant which is simply spun into fine thread for mechanical weaving and knitting into the fabric. Cotton is one of the oldest plant-based fibre is known to humans and its mass production started in the 1700s after the invention of cotton ginning.

Mostly known for its property of being soft, cool and breathable it is also easy to care for. It has the good shape-retaining quality and absorbs a good amount of moisture making it a very comfortable wear entire year.

Cotton yarn Canada is perfect for any project, These yarns providing a smooth finish, are made from long-staple fibres. and the quality and contribution of cotton yarn Canada is huge in the textile industry.

Cotton yarns are divided into three types such as carded, OE and combed. Also, there are subcategories such as Contamination Free, Contamination controlled etc depending on the kind of end-use. Colossustex being one of the major cotton yarn suppliers in India deals with all the types assuring best quality during manufacturing. As cotton yarns are produced by making use of different spinning machines they may shrink a little when washed but retains its shape when worn again.

Keeping in mind different uses of cotton yarn we at Colossustex provide a variety of cotton fibres to make the best use of it. For example, a baby yarn is made using cotton, hence knitters love to make blankets out of it. and Keeping in mind that cotton is a summer yarn, one can also deal with fabrics such as clothes and upholstery. And also make knitted dishcloths or washcloths, produce bags, or other household projects.

Cotton yarn is very famous also because it’s very easy to take care of , for example washing many types of cotton is as simple as machine washing. Whereas hand wash and flat dry can also do wonders.

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