An Introduction to Yarn In Turkey

An Introduction to Yarn In Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading importers of Indian Man-Made Fibre Textiles. The textile industry in Turkey is acquiring vigorous attention in 2020 after Coronavirus epidemic. Turkey exhibits the considerable growth of the textile industry in recent years as they constantly upgrading modern equipped machines for the productions.

Although, Turkey produces the raw materials domestically, due to inadequacy it imports a substantial quantity of textiles from other countries. India is the major supplier of yarns in Turkey.

Despite, India’s share in Turkish total import of Man-made fibre textiles during 2020 was approximately US$ 150.18 million. Turkey is the major producer of apparels, home linens and towels which are supplied worldwide. Consequently, there is an additional reach for increasing exports of Indian MMF textiles to Turkey. With a team of skilled workers, we supply the best Turkish yarn to the various regions of the international market.

The major product groups of Turkish yarn supplied by Colossustex includes :

  • Synthetic yarn derived from artificial filaments.
  • Yarn derived from synthetic artificial staple fibres.
  • Cotton yarns.
  • Animal hair/fur.
  • Cellulosic fibre yarns.
  • Silk yarns.

Advantages of the Turkish yarn

 The supply of raw materials and textile production with the Turkish yarn has the following advantages:

  • Turkish firms have proficient and knowledgeable human resources.
  • The design and production capacity of the products by Turkish producers are evolving.
  • Turkey has flexible trade strategies accompanying by a highly skilled labour force.
  • Turkey persists to invest in advanced technologies to develop its industry.

Uses of yarn in Turkey

Yarn in Turkey is used for the production of :

  • High-Quality Turkish Knitting Yarns
  • Home linens
  • Apparels and activewear
  • Carpets
  • Blankets and Duvets etc.

Where To Buy Cheap Yarn in India

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