Colombia- The Greatest Textile Sourcing Market

Colombia- The Greatest Textile Sourcing Market

Colombia has a perfect textile base with a lot of good textile knowledge, an outstanding work ethic and good businessmen. The apparel and textile production is according to quality standards, which guarantees the design, size, and colour gamut to satisfy international market standards. The country’s industry offers more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing fabrics and apparel, both locally and internationally.

Consumers expect three properties from the products they pay for: activity, quality and value. As a result, brands need three things to accommodate them near-to-market sourcing options, high-level factories, and low costs models to keep prices down.

Colombia has a full package of textile manufacturers & suppliers, that fulfills the demand for performance apparel that remains high. Companies are now seeking low deniers, lighter fabrics, bi-colour and heather fabrics, and highly functional materials with antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties, compression fabrics, and printed fabrics. The company’s laboratory verifies yarn properties, controls chemicals in its textile process, and its finishing lab meets ASTM and AATCC standards.

Colombia has the newest equipment that will give the clients better standardization and lead time. It’s eco-friendly since the water generally used in laundry processes will be reduced by a significant percentage.
Colombia has been producing types of denim and polo shirts according to the trend with their innovative team of in-house designers.

Growth Opportunities in the Colombian Textile Industry as follows :

● Colombia is the landmark of the fashion industry.
● It lowers the logistical cost three times than shipping from china and has a competitive location with easy access to global markets,
● It has Seven hundred direct international flights per week, more than 4900 domestic flights per week for easy transportation.
● Colombia’s textile industry has a National Training Service offering free training to companies and workers.
● They have a business network of more than 450 textile and 10,000 apparel production units.

Why are companies choosing Colombia as the source of Textile?

For the below-mentioned reasons, Colombia textile is the best source:

● It’s located in one of the fastest-growing regions globally and offers an ideal place to do business.
● Colombia supports business productivity, and low political instability hence ranked first in sustainable development in Latin American countries.
● Investors can be confident that government promotions and rebates will continue to be accessible in the future.
● They produce more than 44 different textiles and apparel products such as underwear, children’s dresses, jeans, shapewear, swimwear, and more.
● Colombia also focuses on social responsibility, hence provides multiple certifications, such as ISO 14000, ISO 9000, BAC, and WRAP.
● It offers R&D, fibres, yards, textiles and trims while providing design, manufacturing, and logistics. It gives clients improved versatility, quick reaction times, better efficiency, and high-quality products.
● Many of the companies within Colombia have their in-house design team, which can work with American companies to develop quality, innovative designs.

Bottom Line

Colombia Textile has the advantages of tradition, flexible production, design integration with the manufacturing and distribution processes. As they have more than ten decades of experience in innovation, multiple FTAs, qualified and skilled labour market, environmentally responsible industry, and the shorter delivery times make it a lucrative investment location for the apparel and textile industry globally.

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