Application Of Knitting Technology In Medical Areas

Application Of Knitting Technology In Medical Areas

Colossustex offers an introduction to Knitting technology in medical areas as we understand the importance of improving the hygiene factor in healthcare products. It is essential to prevent infections on a priority basis. 

Why Knitting?

Knitwear provides excellent fit, comfort and stretch properties that are suitable for medical and nursing disciplines. It has compression and a unique shaping technique that further increases knitwear’s potential to continue a wide range of medical applications.

Knitted Medical Textiles has its applications in hygiene textiles, knitted spacer materials that are innovative and sustainable for packaging, and biodegradable. The design and production techniques used in these knitted fabrics are commonly used for infection control textiles. The material ensures the processing through plasma technology and survives sterilization as well. 

The advanced knitted fabric used for medical purpose is washable, absorbent and skin-friendly. The antimicrobial treatments of the yarns are applied for hygiene and infection control purposes from a medical perspective. It is a valuable accessory for medical scientists, surgeons and nurses.

Advances in Smart Medical areas

The range of smart textiles and the use of these innovative technologies in medical applications includes the knitting of innovative fibres are other yarns. Hence it plays an essential role in treating patients, wound treatments, etc. The application of textile is sensor-based wearable electronics for monitoring patient health and more.

Application of Knitted Fabrics in Medical areas

Knitted Medical Textiles covers the latest innovations and developments. Emerging methods and technology allows the best practices for medical areas. Knitting methods has a growing range of applications due to the magnificent properties of knitted fabric, such as tangible quality, high stretchability, bulkiness, and functional properties that compare favourably with other woven fabrics. Its application is widely used for :

●       Wholegarmentface mask

It provides superior fit and comfort. The ear straps are knitted as one piece with no other sewing. The incorporation of a filter pouch is helpful for better filtration of pollutant air.

●       Whole-garment compression gloves

 It gives support to orthopaedic problems. The partial compression gloves help to treat arthritis and lymphedema.

●       Whole-garment compression tights

Compression clothing significantly increases postexercise blood lactate elimination and reductions in blood lactate concentration. It has been proven effective for Performance and Recovery in the Endurance of an athlete.

●       Whole-garment compression knee braces

The function of operated knees becomes better when knee braces have been used. The application of knee braces ensures the position of the knee joints to fix with time. Medical practitioners highly recommend it.

●       Partition socks

Partition socks help to enhance the toes structure. With partial compression, these socks treat the conditions like lymphedema.

●       Wearable electrocardiograph/heart rate monitor

Specially developed knitted yarns functions as electrical capacitors, wearable medical equipment and eliminates the requirement of batteries used in data communication and sensor machines.

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