What is Hot Melt Yarn and What Makes it Special?

What is Hot Melt Yarn and What Makes it Special?

Polyester Hot Melt Yarn is an amazing material which is used as a bonding material since it is a heat-meltable polymer. This means that its temperature is risen first to melt it, and then it is made to bond to another material. This process is called hot stitching and is quite popular in the textile and electrical industry for the purpose of hot-melt wire binding and other such processes to ensure proper stability in bonds in finalized products. The best part is that polyester hot melt yarn has a lower melting point than most other materials which makes it easier to melt it for the bonding process.

Benefits of Using Hot Melt Yarn

While hot melt yarn may be a niche based fiber, it does have several benefits in applications where it is used. Here are some common advantages of using this special fiber:

High System Strength

The system strength gets boosted for any final product which is created with the help of polyester hot melt yarn. This means that the yarn can be used in products that need to be durable for a long time. Moreover, the strong bonding forces help the yarn stick to the surface for a very long time.

Shock Resistant

You will not have to stress about the durability of the yarn when exposed to blunt force. It can be highly shock absorbent and can handle most trauma without breaking.

Similar Tensile Strength to Steel

The stretchability of the material is not much affected by its enhanced durability as its tensile strength stays similar to that of steel while being almost 75% lighter than it. This also makes the material a lot better for using in electric wires and other products which may need to be stretched over the course of time.

Easy to Use

The hot melt yarn can be used without any needle or buckles and this makes it one of the easiest materials to be used in the textile industry. The yarn can also work as a durable guide for most stitching applications by being melted on the final product and stitching along with it.

No Decay

The hot melt yarn does not naturally decay, and unlike iron it does not rust which makes it great for long term applications. You can use the fabric in almost anything that requires a long lasting and durable material without worrying about rotting.

No Injury Risk

There are no sharp edges to the yarn, and it also does not come with the need to use needles or buckles which greatly reduces the risk of injury for workers working with the yarn for a long time.

Weather Resistant

The yarn can survive most weather conditions, and can be stable in temperatures bellow 40 C which makes it excellent for usage in most climates and products that are meant to be used in locations with extreme weather conditions. If you’re looking for a strong material that will be able to survive nearly anything a life of rough usage throws at it, then hot melt yarn would be the perfect material for you. It is easy to use and extremely durable for most textile and electrical applications.