Cotton Yarn Exports

Cotton Yarn Exports

India’s textile industry majorly relies on Cotton Production. India is one of the largest raw cotton producers as well as cotton yarn exporters. Its perfect texture, soft feel, and versatile property of dying, knitting, sewing, weaving, embroidery and crocheting, make it ideal for use. The textile industry contributes 5% of GDP to the Indian economy. The significant cotton farming states in India are: Gujrat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Rajasthan.

During 2019–20, the exports of cotton textile and handloom products were at US$ 10.01 billion. High end brands like Gap, H&M, Levi Strauss, Marks & Spencer, Metro, Nike, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, and Walmart import Indian textile products.

Our Specialty

The success of Colossustex Pvt Ltd has been attributed to manufacturing feasibility and adaptability. We have a customer-centric approach. We figure out the requirements of our clients and manufacture the types of yarns as per specifications.

The Range of textile and other raw materials at Colossustex Pvt Ltd comprises premium quality, 100% cotton yarn. We are specialized in manufacturing yarns that meet the quality framework for diverse knitting and weaving applications.

Quality Control

Our key focus is to build and sustain our exports with honesty, potential, and experience. We believe in delivering environment friendly, reliable, and quality material with the integration of timely delivery. For this Quality Check becomes a necessary step. A rigorous quality check helps us to deliver premium quality material. Our team of quality check experts ensures the international quality check and other compliance-related terms. As we are committed to making sure, the client gets the best global textile materials at the lowest prices.

Bottom Line

Colossustex exports the full spectrum of 100% cotton yarn from India to all international markets. We are the leading cotton yarn suppliers in India. Our Cotton yarn is majorly exported to countries like Bangladesh, China, Korea, Egypt, South & Central America, Turkey, Israel, the European Union, and Mauritius. A rich global experience of exporting the desired yarns and textile material is gained by a professional workforce, bringing value to the customers. Here at Colossustex, we are cotton yarn suppliers that provide high quality of yarns obtained from traditional Indian cotton. Our cotton yarn is competitively low in price and provides value for money.

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