Various Types of Polyester Yarns and Its Applications

Various Types of Polyester Yarns and Its Applications

When it comes to choosing synthetic yarns for any product, polyester yarns has been the first choice of commercial manufacturers. Polyester yarns have brought a revolution in the textile industry globally. It is one of the finest yarns with many features and is readily available. It has a repetitive structure at regular intervals generated by blending the alcohol and acid for initiating chain reactions. It is widely used for knitting and weaving. ColossusTex is the leading polyester yarn supplier in India. We provide the best wholesale service on the textile market globally.

Types of Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarns are available in 3 types :

1.Polyester filament yarns

PET is used to manufacture Polyester Filament Yarns. It is globally used in the modern fibre manufacturing industries. These are strong fibres used in both the multifilament and monofilament forms. It has High tenacity.PFY are used for making lightweight fabrics such as organdie and voile while the regular tenacity PFY is used to make undergarments while the low tenacity or lower version of PFY are used to make tunics and shirts.

2. Spun yarns

Spun yarns are the most popularly used yarns. This is created by the spinning process of PCDT or cut PET. The spun yarn has a bulky and crimped look but under tension, it looks smooth and lean. These yarns are spun in a course higher than the 16 tex count range. It is used for knitting and weaving purposes.

3.Textured yarns

PET multifilaments are used to create Textured yarn. It is created by twisting and drawing polyester POY. That is how yarns develop stretch and bulk by processing. The textured yarns have a sheen and smooth texture.

Applications of Polyester Yarn

The reason why polyester yarns are extensively used as it has high tensile strength, low shrinkage and lustrous properties. It protects the skin from extreme weather conditions and is highly resistant to chemicals. Polyester yarns are light in weight and affordable hence used widely in clothing globally.

Application of polyester yarns is in Circular knitting, Warp knitting, Weaving, Elastics, Narrow fabrics, Twisting, Yarn dyeing, Industrial applications and many more which is used in making home furnishings, Fashion apparels, threads, ropes, cords, footwear etc.

Bottom Line

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