Woven Fabrics

Weaving is a process of interlacement of yarns to make a woven fabric. Those fabrics are often created on a loom by multiple threads weaving on a warp and a weft. Technically, a woven fabric is created by interlacing two or more threads at right angles to one another.


Composition: Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, blends of these and others

Available in: grey, dyed and print forms


Cotton and blends Polyester and blends Viscose and blends Others
100% Cotton 100% Polyester 100% Viscose 100% Acrylic
Cotton Polyester Polyester Cotton Viscose Cotton 100% Jute
Cotton Viscose Polyester Modal Viscose Polyester 100% Silk
Cotton Modal Polyester Viscose Viscose Bamboo 100% Linen
Cotton Bamboo Blends along with Spandex Blends along with Spandex 100% Nylon
Cotton Linen 100% Wool
Blends Along With Spandex


Basket Weave Damask Khaki Satin
Cambric Dobby Lawn Seersucker
Canvas Double Cloth Leno Sheeting
Chambray Drill Muslin Taffeta
Chenille Fil-a-fil Organdy Tapestry
Cheese Cloth Gabardine Oxford Terry Cloth
Chino,Chino Cloth Gingham Percale Twill
Chintz Herringbone Pique Voile
Chiffon Honey-comb Poplin Warp Rib
Crepe Hop Sack Sackcloth Weft Rib
Cut Pile Jacquard Sateen


Fabric Dye Stuff
Cotton Reactive
Cotton Blends Pigment
Polyester Disperse

Available Widths:

Grey Finished
112cms – 345 cms 191 cms – 320 cms


Cotton & TC Denim Polyester Oxford Cotton Corduroy Polyester Satin & Chiffon Dyed & Print
Cotton Woven Dyed & Printed Polyester Taffeta & Pongee Cotton Woven Greige Polyester Tricot
Cotton Woven Yarn Dyed Polyester Woven Microfiber Dyed & Print Hessian Jute Rayon Woven Dyed & Print
Linen & Linen Blends Seam Tape Poly Microfiber Sheeting Dyed & Print T/C Woven Dyed & Printed
Poly Suiting & T/R Suiting T/C Woven Greige Polyester Fake Fur T/C Woven Yarn Dyed
Polyester Minimatt Dyed & Print Wool & Woollen Blend Woven