Knitted Fabrics

Knitting is a process of interlooping the yarns to make a fabric, Knitted fabric is known for comfort fit and its softness. It has various constructions such as single jersey, Rib, Interlock, Honeycomb, Pique etc. The properties also make it ideal for manufacturing T-shirts, shoes, curtains, socks and hats.


Available in grey, dyed and print forms


Cotton and blends Polyester and blends Viscose and blends Others
100% Cotton 100% Polyester 100% Viscose 100% Acrylic
Blends Along With Spandex Polyester Cotton Viscose Bamboo 100% Jute
Cotton Bamboo Polyester Modal Viscose Cotton 100% Linen
Cotton Linen Polyester Viscose Viscose Polyester 100% Nylon
Cotton Modal Blends along with Spandex Blends along with Spandex 100% Silk
Cotton Polyester 100% Wool
Cotton Viscose


Auto Striper Jacquards
Brushed Fleece Knitted Denim
Coral Fleece Micro Velboa
Corduroy Fleece Plain Velboa
Double Jersey Polar Fleece
Embossed Velboa Rib
Feeder Striper Single Jersey
Fleece Waffle


Fabric Dye Stuff
Cotton Reactive Print
Pigment Print
Discharge Print
Cotton Blends Pigment Print
Polyester Disperse Print
Pigment Print


  • Cotton & TC Denim
  • Cotton Corduroy
  • Cotton Knit
  • Hessian Jute
  • Linen & Linen Blends
  • Nylon Knit
  • Polyester Cotton Knit
  • Polyester Microfiber Sheeting Dyed & Print
  • Polyester Fake Fur
  • Polyester Minimatt Dyed & Print
  • Polyester Oxford
  • Polyester Tricot
  • PU Leather
  • Seam Tape