Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn

Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn

Colossustex is the most prominent Nylon Yarn Manufacturer in India. Nylon fully drawn yarn is a lustrous and lengthy fiber which can be used in order to provide the best range of textile fabrics which can be utilized in various applications such as draperies, upholstery, sarees, and furnishings. Nylon yarn is popular thanks to its incredibly dyeable nature which also ensures high tensile strength and elasticity while allowing enhanced corrosion resistance, durability, and tenacity. These features in our Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn have allowed Colossustex to become the largest Nylon Yarn Exporter in India.

Features of Our Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn

Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn is one of our most developed yarns which offers a range of benefits over the traditional nylon yarns in the market. These benefits are exactly what you can expect when choosing the best Nylon Yarn Supplier in India. They include:

Incredible Durability

The durability of Nylon is already well known in the textile industry. Colossustex takes it a step further with our special Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn which has a tensile strength comparable to steel.


The elasticity of our nylon yarn is superior thanks to an advanced spinning process which takes more time to focus on each thread’s strength. It can stretch more and also retain its original shape.

Tear Resistant

Our special nylon yarns are meant to be tear resistant even under heavy pressure. Fabrics made from it can retain this ability and ensure superior quality even after years of intense usage.

Heat Resistant

Colossustex ensures that each batch of nylon yarn is manufactured with heat resistance to maintain its form even under high temperatures. It is a thermoplastic material which makes for excellent usage in hot climates.

Water Resistant

Fabrics made from our nylon fully drawn yarn will have superior water resistance to ensure its survival in all weathers. The fabrics are washable in machines and can take some abuse in aquatic environments as well.

Not Flammable

Our nylon is manufactured to protect users from the fire hazard that comes with ordinary nylon and even cotton. The yarn will simply melt when in contact with a high temperature flame instead of catching fire.

If you are interested to learn more about our nylon fully drawn yarn, please feel free to contact our sales team via our website. They will advise you on the best yarn to suit your needs.