Scaling up businesses - ColossusGROW

ColossusGROW is working towards scaling of your business by

OTIF Management - ColossusTIME

ColossusTIME will be focused on OTIF Tracking of your business resulting

Market Intelligence -ColossusMIND

ColossusMIND will act an Information provider for Textiles which will contribute in following ways

Note : Make a sample report

Effective Sourcing - ColossusFIND

ColossusFIND Aims to Keep your operating cost & Inward cost competitive. With effective reach we can contribute to cost optimisation for your manufacturing.

Assertive Marketing - ColossusEDGE

ColossusEDGE is applying differentiated techniques to have an effective impact

Logistics support - ColossusMOVE

ColossusMOVE offers ineffable Logistics assistance which

Note :  Shipping Advice format should be displayed as Image. Also we need to integrade Logistics tracking on this page

Technical support - ColossusTECH

ColossusTECH offers a specialised technical assistance wherein each consignment passes Testing Protocol which covers the scope of Personal Inspection, Stills & Quality Certificate. Advantages are listed as below

Note :  CDR of all services to be made, sample of test report to be attached,sample – container stuffing, Testing process photo, etc to be attached with page

Networking - ColossusWEAVE

ColossusWEAVE is a networking service which makes our partner’s Brands Visible to ColossusTex Network, We offer following services .

Inventory Management - ColossusDEAL

ColossusDEAL is a service which has thrust on cronical issue of manufacturing companies.

Resource Development - ColossusCARE

ColossusCARE is a service extended to industry which focuses in getting the appropriate talent to the industry through our networking. We will contribute in finding experts for long term & Short term service or full time Jobs. We believe in contributing with right talent to our partners which brings effective culture for optimised growth of company.

Starchives - ColossusMEET

Colossus MEET is a Platform where Business Leaders from The Industry are invited for our partners where they share their life examples and learning in their professional Journey, and they also share different organisational culture and best practises therein. The indent is to receive outside- In perspective and be inspired by some of the best leaders available in industry.