Nylon Monofilament Yarn (Nylon Mono Yarn)

Monofilament yarn consists of a single solid filament & can be obtained by direct spinning method or by splitting the Mother Yarn. They generally have circular & solid cross-sections. Depending on their thickness which varies from 100-2000 μm they are used in various applications of textiles & others such as dental floss, sports racquets, toothbrush bristles, etc.


Nylon Mother Yarn

240 12 SD, BR, TBR
300 10 SD, BR, TBR
360 12 SD, BR, TBR
480 12 SD, BR, TBR
500 10 SD, BR, TBR

Nylon Mono Yarn

20 1
SD, BR, TBR, Dope Dyed
30 1
SD, BR, TBR, Dope Dyed
40 1
SD, BR, TBR, Dope Dyed
50 1
SD, BR, TBR, Dope Dyed


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ColossusTex is a leading supplier of premium Nylon Monofilament Yarn, also known as Mono Yarn. Our Mono Yarn is crafted from high-quality nylon materials, ensuring exceptional durability, strength, and versatility. As a trusted supplier, we take pride in delivering top-quality Mono Yarn that meets the highest industry standards. With our wide range of color options and various thicknesses, you can find the perfect Monofilament Yarn for your specific applications, including fishing nets, brush bristles, industrial textiles, and more. Trust ColossusTex for reliable and superior Nylon Monofilament Yarn that is ideal for a wide range of uses. Choose ColossusTex as your go-to supplier and experience the excellence in quality and service that sets us apart in the industry.

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