Melange Yarn

Melange Yarn Features

  • Very Soft due to high number of Filaments.
  • Cationic Portion can be dyed in any Color and Black will remain Black.
  • Suitable for Knitting & Weaving.


Yarn Property Value Available Options
Denier 160 100 to 600 Denier
Tenacity GPD 4+ 4.5+
Elongation % 21-22% 16 to 30%
BWS % 3.5% 2 TO 8%

Yarn Composition by Weight:

Cationic 50%
Polyester Black 50%

Fabric Type : Knitted Fabric with 5% Spande/Lycra

Fabric Dyeing:

Cationic Available


Why ColossusTex is Your Best Choice for Melange Yarn?

ColossusTex is the top choice for Melange Yarn due to our commitment to quality and excellence. Our Yarn is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring superior results in your knitting and weaving projects. With a wide range of color options and exceptional performance, our Yarn offers unmatched versatility and durability. Trust in ColossusTex for premium Melange Yarn that delivers outstanding results every time.

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