paper is cut into long, narrow ribbon-like strips which are twisted on a spinning wheel, then woven like silk or cotton, traditionally on a handloom. For the warp and the weft of this paper fabric, there are cases in which silk or cotton is used for the warp but when woven there is little difference from ordinary cloth.


Paper fabric has the drawback of tearing when it becomes wet in the rain but paper fabric can be laundered. Its tradition still remains, although on a limited scale now, as high-class clothing.


Paper yarns usually find application in:

high fashion items

handicraft items

Paper yarns are used for knitting, hand-knitting and craft use. Weaving application is Possible if the yarn is twisted to make it stronger.

100% paper yarn

as per table below

100% paper yarn is available as follows:

countdtex 110 up to dtex 3500
width1mm – 4mm
weight11 g/m² – 22 g/m²
colourspossible in various shades for dtex 3100 & dtex 3500
twistspossible in some counts (100 tpm up to 1’000 tpm)
put up typecones

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